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Tom, great queation! Initially, without doubt the guy responsible is Roy Cross. I remember his artwork on Airfix boxes (still on some of 'em) was simply irresistable to an eight year old who had watched 633 squadron and the 'Battle of Britain' films. I gave up modelling from about 15 yrs old up to when I was in my mid twenties, when the guy from the hobby shop I started buying from suggested the I.P.M.S. where I met people who transformed my ideas of what building kits could actually achieve. After a while I started to pay attention to the work of one Pete Ville, who didn't build many cans at that time but made incredible OT models and then I was hooked. I am still trying to catch up with Pete's excellent work, but its great to still see him around and see how far I have to go to match his stunning builds. He hand carves laminated props too, and that's proper' ard! And the other influence, of course, Clunk from the Vulture Squadron!                                               Cheers,                                                   Nick.Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2011 14:09:53 -0700
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While waiting for my coal-fired laptop to print out a couple of items I was thinking about who got me interested in building scale models.
First would be my dad, Allyn. He built all of the Gowland & Gowland (later Revell) old-timer cars and proudly displayed them on the fireplace mantle. We were at the Walt Disney Family Museum on Sunday to check out a couple of new exhibits. One was a display of the same cars that my dad had built, but these were built by Walt.
Next would be IPMS. Our chapter, which I joined about 1967 or so, was very active, with many well-known names, fifty or so members and a newsletter for which I eventually served as Editor.
My mentors were George Lee and Dave "Bo" Boksanski. Each approached modeling from a different angle. George only scratch built, never using a kit. Bo could look at a kit part and see many uses for it other than in the kit itself. Both were fascinating characters in their own rights. Unfortunately they are long gone and very missed.
After a couple of years I was treated to the work of John Alcorn and John Boes. I still see John Al corn's work at shows and John Boes remains a good friend and fellow IPMS Santa Rosa member.
Who were/are your modeling mentors?
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