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Michael says

>Mainly because you have to use super glue to stick the bits together or 
worse, epoxy. I like the idea 
>of melting the bits together like in a 
real plastic kit. I've built a few but the problems really come in 
you add the struts for the top wing and there's hardly any opportunity 
for adjustment and alignment. 

A non-issue surely? I use CyA to put the struts into styrene kits too, and get no more dwell time than you'd get on a resin kit.

If you want a bit of breathing space, use a quick setting epoxy. That will allow 5 minutes or so before the glue starts to go off too much to make major adjustments and another 5 before it sets up too much to allow a little minor fettling.

(My problem with resin is the annoying habit it has of warping in our hot weather, but that's only an issue with long or long thin wings)


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