[WWI] So many goodies

Robert Karr karrart at karrart.com
Wed Jul 20 17:06:52 EDT 2011

I think that those of us that were building in the other scales kept on 
doing so, with some dabbling into the WNW. The real effect of those kits is 
that they have caused a great number of people who have never done a WWI 
model to give them a try. And some of those folks are bound to get hooked.


I guess I haven't jumped on the bandwagon of large models- I've always liked 
them. As a kid I built most of the WW I 1/72 Revells and Airfixes and all 
the Auroras, and pretty much only settled for 1/48th because it was bigger, 
but still not big enough for me. Because the Guillow stick and tissue Pfalz 
D.III scaled out to nearly exactly 9/16"= 1' ( bigger than even 1/24th!) I 
made that "my" scale for a bunch of scratchbuilts, including a Gotha 
G.IV.....all static. I DID build the Guillow Nieuport 28 and Fokker D.VIII 
for rubber flight- they did ok.
I loved 9/16" so much that my first ever foray into building miniature rock 
bands was done in this scale!
RK.....double Pupping the day away
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