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Jamie Gagnon jamesgagnon5 at sympatico.ca
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I think that those of us that were building in the other scales kept on doing so, with some dabbling into the WNW. The real effect of those kits is that they have caused a great number of people who have never done a WWI model to give them a try. And some of those folks are bound to get hooked. 

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  Yes indeed. I've just been going through my (long overdue) e-mail to find pictures of some super models, from Fokkers to Gothas, Capronis to Sopwiths , Lloyd tripe and a lovely red Avro. Well done to all concerned,
  But noticeably ALL in those "old-fashioned" scales, 1/72nd and 1/48th. If you believed the stuff written on some web-sites nobody builds WWI models in anything but 1/32nd these days!
  I've nothing against the larger scale, but I'm glad to see it's not so.

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    So many goodies this morning!  Nice to see such a great variety of models, 


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