[WWI] Arizona Model Aircrafters Flyboys Fokker Dr.1

Rusty Scott rustys at dscottre.com
Wed Jul 20 11:15:53 EDT 2011


 Surprised to hear you even received the kit. Arizona doesn't have a very good track record and in our club nobody will deal with them anymore. Several lost money and or got partial kits from them and never were satisfied by the owner of the company. Good luck with your kit. I hope their business practices have improved in the last few years.

Rusty, Lancaster NH 

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  Hi everyone, I purchase a Fokker Dr.1 kit from Arizona Model Aircrafters in 1/8 scale. I want to know if anyone has built a model from the Flyboy kit before? I have a lot of questions concerning the kit and the Fokker Dr.1 but I don't wish to bore this group with a lot of questions. - Bob 
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