[WWI] FE2b

Dennis Ugulano djuggie at comcast.net
Wed Jul 20 11:11:35 EDT 2011

On Wed, 2011-07-20 at 13:38 +0200, Crawford Neil wrote:
> While I applaud your decision to build a Fee, I must say that it's
> very
> strange that we still don't have a good 1/72 injected kit of it. 


	I so agree with you.  The FE2b in injection mold would be beautiful.
And to me, so many opportunities missed.  Eduard doing the Roland CII,
Sopwith Triplane, and other 1/48th scale kits but not scaling them down
to 1/72.  Do not the Roland, the Triplane and Nieuport 28 all call out
for an update.  The 60 year old molds from Revell are getting tired.
Why can't they update their line as they did with the Fokker DR1?

	Then add to mix Roden coming out with a beautiful 1/72 line of
Nieuports and then going to 1/32nd scale.  What happened to 1/48th?  I
have not broken the code to their releases.

	The Form-a-plane FE2b will have its problems but Joe Chubbock was a
master at what he did and I'm sure the completed model will reflect
that.  At least I have a place to start.


Dennis Ugulano
"Each modeler will rise to their own level of masochisim."

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