[WWI] FE2b

Crawford Neil Neil.Crawford at volvo.com
Wed Jul 20 10:33:26 EDT 2011

> Heck we don't have a Spad XVI or a PS7, and there were LOTS of cute paint
> schemes for them! I still regret not getting the Rosemont kit when it was
> available.

I've given up asking for the Spad 11 and 16, after all they only made a couple 
of thousand, so a complete oddity, not famous like the DFW Floh.
And the obscure Paul Schmitt Type 7 ,  what nonsense they only built 150, what
kind of production figures is that, ridiculous........oh more than the Sopwith Triplane.....

So I'm now asking for something reasonable
Quite silly looking though.

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