[WWI] FE2b

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Wed Jul 20 09:50:58 EDT 2011

> While I applaud your decision to build a Fee, I must say that it's very
> strange that we still don't have a good 1/72 injected kit of it.

Heck we don't have a Spad XVI or a PS7, and there were LOTS of cute paint 
schemes for them! I still regret not getting the Rosemont kit when it was 

> After all there are two 1/72 kits of the similar DH2. I don't think 
> there's a
> a good kit in 1/48 either?

The Aeroclub is good, and I can say it's much near the real thing than the 
Formaplane vac. I started it, and after checking the very well researched 
Fee on NZ, and that superb build by Sanjeev, I had to say that the vac 
nacelle needs serious modifications, especially around the pilot's cockpit. 
>From period pictures it was hard to see that shape, but now it's clear that 
the covering "wraps" around the rear seat and it's not like the DH2 at all.
The booms are also a challenge... but at least they're sturdier than the 
Voisin structure!

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