[WWI] Who Inspired You?

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Yes Geoff Prentice/Icarus was always great.

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Tom asks

>Who were/are your modeling mentors?

I was given my very first kit for Christmas in 1962 - nearly fifty years ago - by my late uncle. His son, the eldest of my cousins was a keen modeller at the time and I was very impressed by his collection of Airfix kits.  I suppose the two of them were my first inspirations.

Two writers and an editor/writer/publisher in UK magazines led me to do more than just assemble kits. They were Harry Woodman and Geoff Prentice, Harry for his explanation of scratchbuilding techniques in Airfix Magazine (I think, maybe Scale Models) and Geoff Prentice for leading me to try vacforms. Between them I learned that there's nothing I can't build a model of, even without a kit, if I *want* to do it. And RLR, for Scale Models when it was a great magazine with lots of WW1 content (and Harry and Ian Stair and so on), and for Windsock magazine when *it* was a great magazine.

The last individual person is our list Lord, Al, whose gentle hand on the rudder and tolerance of a great deal of crap on this list (much originating from my PC) showed me that the whole world was full of modelling nutters interested in WW1 aircraft but also with interesting lives and opinions (and peculiar senses of humour, especially those resident in Rosario)

And of course, a group. This list, which I now read but seldom post on for want of anything actually usefull to add.

Shane tE

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