[WWI] Who Inspired You?

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Wed Jul 20 09:01:23 EDT 2011

> Who were/are your modeling mentors?

When I was given my first model kit (a bagged lilac Airfix Albatros D.V) it 
was after my cousin was making his first models. He was an inspiration to 
me, although we always struck a sort of competition amongst us, and can't 
possibly be called a "mentor" in the sense of a true helper. In that 
respect, it was my dad who boosted my interest on "making things" and even 
when never before had built a plastic model kit, he soon got the knack of it 
and can say that he was a very competent modeller but he only did things to 
teach me how to do it by myself or to save me from the frustration of 
certain difficult tasks. For this, I'm very grateful to him. After I was 
capable enough of cutting parts without slicing my throat and painting 
without getting Humbrol enamel in my eyeballs, he left me by my own means 
but always encouraged me to keep modelling and praised me on every model I 
made, and what was very important, pointing me certain flaws that I could 
have done better. At the time, I resented a little this critique, but I 
reckon now that that was the best of all, because he cared to see what I 
could do better and taught me never to be dazzled by my own work. In fact he 
did the same about my drawings. Even on his last years, I never finished any 
model or art work without a final consultation about the result with him. 
Fathers are often unselfish critics and that's something priceless.
As many others, I had a non-modelling years, but when I started again (at 
25, more or less) I had made my mind about making WW1 or biplane aircraft. 
However, in this land of sauvages there was no one in sight who knew about 
these ancient machines and could guide me. Early on, through a mutual friend 
I met Néstor Santoro, a modeller who liked the same aircraft than I do and 
soon we were great friends. He lent me a few books with accurate plans and 
gave me a lot of photocopies of references that were my first of my 
collection. It was weird, but Néstor and I had about the same age, shared 
many common friends and acquaintances, and most of our tastes in models, 
airplanes, history, dinosaurs, films, music and girls, but it took us 25 
years to find we shared all of that! We see each other frequently (in fact 
later today we'll have a cup of coffee) and I was -God forgives me- his best 
man at his wedding. His wife was in fact a girl who was a friend of mine 
too, but he found her by himself... Small world! The bastard now has steered 
off static modelling and builds OT R/C aircraft from scratch. His latest 
works are an Albatros D.II and a Fokker D.VIII. Daydreams about building a 
1:1 scale replica of an Albatros D.V.
And last of all, but no less important, was me finding out about this 
modelling list, who was a great inspiration!

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