[WWI] Who Inspired You?

tom.mason at charter.net tom.mason at charter.net
Wed Jul 20 08:49:41 EDT 2011

The inspiration for me to start building models was that I thought 
airplanes were cool. I am 65 soon to be 66 and I started when I was 
eight. In them early years there was no such thing as modeling tools or 
even flat paint and especially no reference material, you did what was 
on the box art or in the instructions. I started e out with Aurora, 
Lindburg, Hawk and etc.. And then in the 60's came 1/72 with Revell, 
Airfix, Frog, etc.. My interest in WWI aircraft came about from my 
reading the book "The Red Knight of Germany" by Floyd Gibbons and from 
then on I was hooked. Those of you who have been around as long as me 
will remember the lean years when no new WWI models were coming out and 
then vacu-formed kits kind of got the ball rolling again.
In my teen years my interest changed to cars, hey it was the late 1950's 
early 1960's and boys in the USA were car nuts.
Now days my interest is mainly WWI aircraft then WWII aircraft and armor 
and then an interest in most anything ships, cars, space, science 
fiction, figures, anything that strikes my fancy. I have about 2,000 
unbuilt kits to prove it.
I have a combined interest in modeling, history and wargaming.


On Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 2:56 AM, Crawford Neil wrote:

>>     So, no one magic inspiration, but God bless my mum, Weston Super 
>> Mare,
>> or both of them. And Airfix magazine, Allan Hall and Ray Rimell, 
>> without
>> who
>> I'd probably have remained a paster together of pointy proppelorless
>> things
>> without enough wings.
>> Paul.
> Absolutely, when Ray Rimmell had Scale Models it was terrific. I 
> missed Airfix magazine
> to a large extent, well I subscribed later, but then it was past it's 
> prime.
> I did get both Chris Ellis's books, and thought they were pretty good, 
> but Chris Ellis
> was a pretty awful modeler. I once met Allan Hall at my first IPMS-UK 
> competition at Stoneleigh, he was ever so nice.
> /Neil

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