[WWI] Who inspired you?

Crawford Neil Neil.Crawford at volvo.com
Wed Jul 20 03:41:48 EDT 2011

Growing up in England during the sixties, modeling was pretty much given. I started when I was five, 
and have just kept going, my modeling has gone through various phases, but early aircraft dominate.

Inspiration has been three books, first a Danish book by Wilhelm Willersted  Byg plastic-modeller,
, it was fairly basic but taught me to start filling seams, and also gave me my first taste of the
dreaded black panel-line syndrome, that book was full of them, I thought that was pretty cool,
but I was only fifteen. 

Second was Plastic Scale Model Aircraft by W.R. Matthews, still a really good book, especially
if you like civil aircraft, Bill Matthews is still active over on the Wings of peace group.
I learnt a lot from that book, about the more obscure parts of the hobby like conversions. 
Another thing that Bill talked about a lot in that book was making working parts, something
that has been sadly forgotten, inspiration from that book caused a 1/48 spitfire with working
flaps, canopy that opened so that you could wiggle the stick which I'd connected to the elevators
so they worked too. I'm very proud of that one, and it still works. 

Third book was of course, and as already mentioned by MK, Harry Woodmans momentous book on
scratchbuilding, I can't say enough good things about that book. My first scratchbuild (Tummelisa)
was built using Harry Woodmans techniques all the way. Since then I've strayed a bit, but really
his methods are all you need.


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