[WWI] Who Inspired You?

Paul Thompson flutes at xs4all.nl
Wed Jul 20 01:49:39 EDT 2011

    I started because my mother found she could severely improve her 
lifestyle when she gave me a kit during a particularly rainy holiday in 
Weston Super Mare. That was 1965 or so.  Model building was seen as a 
normal, perhaps essential part of childhood back then.  By the time I was 11 
I met other children at school who also built models, and we sort of kept 
each other going then, some strictly to provide toys to blow up or wargame 
with, others because we liked real aircraft and tanks (we were the ones who 
used paint). Living under a route often used by aircraft on their way to 
airshows helped. About the age of 13 I discovered the first couple of years 
Airfix Magazine in a disused hut on the school playing field. That's when it 
became an obsession and I started getting that magazine. Others followed as 
they appeared. I started a club at achool for other degenerates like me. 
IPMS was something I knew about but steadfastly ignored until I'd been 
reintroduced to modelling in 1999 by afriend here in the Netherlands.

    So, no one magic inspiration, but God bless my mum, Weston Super Mare, 
or both of them. And Airfix magazine, Allan Hall and Ray Rimell, without who 
I'd probably have remained a paster together of pointy proppelorless things 
without enough wings.


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