[WWI] Who Inspired You?

Robert Karr karrart at karrart.com
Wed Jul 20 00:03:25 EDT 2011

No one person really inspired me, at least on a face-to-face basis. Because 
my dad had been a B-25 and B-29 mechanic in WW II, he bought me the old 
Aurora 1/48 B-25 kit when I was a little kid and a little later the box 
scale Revell B-29 but he wasn't into model building at all. But modeling was 
in the air and all around when I was young. Every kid built 'em, including a 
few girls. The oldest photos I have of buildups are from Dec63- an Aurora 
Albatros and a Hawk chrome plated P-51. Even these were probably my 15th or 
16th models. Inspiration hit when Scale Modeler started publishing in 1964- 
what a revelation! SM died a slow, agonizing, ignominious death, but in 1964 
it was a real head slam. AND seeing the built up models in the Knott's Berry 
Farm them park model RR shop. Though mainly railroad, it was also everything 
else. It's where I could buy the old Profile Publications at three for a 
buck. AND it was the first place I EVER saw airbrushed work. HOW did they DO 
that? I don't know who they were, but those folks with those airbrushed 
models in the cases in that shop were probably responsible for the first 
hard hit of inspiration.
RK.....WNW Roland done! pics later.....

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