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Tue Jul 19 23:33:31 EDT 2011

From: Thomas Young <maiesm72 at att.net>

>Who were/are your modeling mentors?

Who is my inspiration?  Two people.

First is my father.  He had been a kid during the Great War part 2, and had a thing for aircraft.  I can't remember a time when I was a kid that he wasn't working on a model of some WW2 aircraft.  He had a pretty large kit collection when I was little.  In fact I remember Friday nights getting out a storage box of models from the basement and playing "pick your kit" until the entire contents of the box had been divided between us.  Then we would carefully go through each kit and place it back in the storage box.  He'd then take that back down stairs and come back with another box.  Great fun!  He gave me my first kit to build when, if I am remembering correctly, I was three or four.  It was an Airfix MiG-15, that still hides in a box in his closet.  I build several kits after that, but all WW2 stuff, both planes and tanks.

Our modeling took a huge leap forward in 1984 though, when we met Dave Bodine.  He and my father stuck up a friendship.  Dave was a fantastic modeler, and a member of at least two IPMS clubs.  His work was fantastic, especially his painting and detailing.  He used to come visit our house on Saturday evenings.  He would always bring along some project he was working on to show.  He introduced me to airbrushing, washes and scratchbuilding along with other great things like Doctor Who!

Although, looking back on it now, I have to say my Dad was a more important influence on my model building, Dave was sort of my hero when I was a kid.  I dreamt of building models as good as he did.  He passed away very suddenly when I was in my early twenties.  His last gift to me was actually given to me by his mother - she allowed me to have some of his books and models, among which was some copies of early Windsock magazines, a Harleyford book on WW1 fighters and a collection of about 20 or 30 old Revell, ESCI and Airfix WW1 kits.  I had had a passing interest in WW1 from a few old Profile publications and the old PC game Red Baron, but these books and kits got me interested again.

That lead me here, and I've been lurking in here off and on for a long time.  Feel like the kid hanging out on the edge of the party alot, but I love reading what you all are building and seeing the pictures of your models, both finished and in progress.  In that way, you all are my inspiration these days.  Well you, and my Dad, who's still building kits at the age of 79.  I still get greeted with "Go look on the table!" as soon as I walk in the door of my parent's house!

Back to the shadows...

Matt K.

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