[WWI] Who Inspired You?

Thomas Solinski dr-i.417.17 at cox.net
Tue Jul 19 19:19:16 EDT 2011


Wow, nostalgic day.


My inspirations as a kid were my Dad and a family friend I called "Uncle


I was born in '55.  One day, before I had started school, I woke up after an
afternoon nap.  My Dad had come home from work and was building several of
the Lindberg cello pack fighters.  I know there was a Spitfire and a P-47.
I thought that was the neatest thing I'd ever seen.


Then we visited "Uncle Jim's" house and he had what looked like hundreds of
models on shelves in his basement.  He did the old Revel 1/28 Camel and made
it look real.  It didn't even look like a model kit.


Then in college I'd dropped out of plastic modeling, did a little rc but
basically gave up on small aviation hobby.   Then my ROTC detachment
commander a  gray-haired Full Colonel had the Revel 1/32 Spit, Hurricane and
-109's in his office.   If a guy that age can enjoy and learn from it so can


You guys brought me back to WW-I when I first stumbled across the list.



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