[WWI] Who Inspired You?

Jamie Gagnon jamesgagnon5 at sympatico.ca
Tue Jul 19 18:04:38 EDT 2011

Hi Tom and other folk;

My Dad got me started. He bought me a Revell SeeAdler (OT ship) and Lancaster bomber when I was 10(1964). His idea was to build them with me. That was the way things went with the ship, but I was seriously hooked. I got everything from the library about models, talked to everybody I could find who had ever built anything and by the time we got started on the Lancaster, I knew more about modelbuilding than my Dad would ever care to know. The family continued to buy me models for the next couple of years, but after that I spent every penny I got on kits, tools and references. I built just about anything during this period.

I started a modelbuilding club in high school and was looking into creating an IPMS chapter, but the lack of commitment by the other club members eventually caused me to give up. 

In 1982, because of economic circumstances I dropped out of the hobby and sold off everything I owned. About ten years later I started dabbling again, and about the same time Dad got interested in building wooden ships, so I was able to help him with some things. Over the last ten years I have been escalating to the point that I am now building a couple of models a month. I went on a determined campaign to buy enough kits, tools etc. to tide me through retirement which is less than ten years away. I build primarily 1/48 WWI and WWII aircraft but dabble a bit in modern armour and the occasional sailing ship.


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