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Thomas Young maiesm72 at att.net
Tue Jul 19 16:43:27 EDT 2011

The wire wheels are done. Not bad, but I think that the next time I do wire wheels the results will be better. Photos show dark wheels with light tires, so I went with black and pale grey.
The engine in the kit was simply a block with four cylinders. About a dozen parts later it's almost done. Still have to add rocker arms and some of the larger and more obvious parts, maybe eight or ten more parts, and the wiring. Thanks so very much to the good folks here who supplied many excellent photos of the engine.
I've wanted to do a detailed engine in 1/72 ever since I saw old friend (and much missed) George Lee's Curtiss Hydroplane back in the mid-"60s. His was so detailed that you could remove the spark plugs with needle nose tweezers. So far it's looking pretty good.
Now on to he rather sparse interior. The kit offers only a very basic and incorrect seat. I 'll replace that, add controls, instrument panel, framework, throttle and anything else that looks right. No photos of the cockpit exist. There was no stick as control was via wing warping. The kit supplies two large wheel controls which look about right.
I'm not sure if I'll open up the wing fences. They are tiny slits on the upper wing surfaces and there are a lot of them. The manufacturer, whose detailed instructions are on the Internet, suggests that you pass on this one. That's enough challenge for me!
Shall keep the build up to date. I'll post photos as soon as I figure out how to use my digital camera :-)
Happy modeling,
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