[WWI] Pastoral: Triplane and tent

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Tue Jul 19 12:23:03 EDT 2011

>I was playing around with developing a vac-forming machine a while back. 
>This was going to be one of my first projects.

The thing is hard to measure from pictures, being "flexible" in dimensions. 
If you examine several pictures where they appear, you can see that the 
ropes keeping them up were adjusted according to the weather: windy 
airfields meant tighter tents, generally spealking. However, on windy days 
you can also see the sides and roof of the tents distorted by the breeze,so 
measuring them up isn't easy neither. I have an overhead photo taken from an 
LVG C.IV that has a few of those airplanes around a couple of tents (by 
making comparisons of the known dimensions of the LVG and the tent). So far 
this one has been the best "plan" references of the  dimensions and upper 
view shape of the tents.

> I never stumbled across any drawings but a tent manufacturer said this is 
> a "pavilion" style tent if that is any help.

It's a generic name. These aviation tents seem to have a ver specific 
configuration, to allow a proper handling of a medium sized aircraft (of the 
era) and allow enough room inside to service them. Note that the roof has 
twin poles which leaves a free space in the middle to accomodate the 
fuselage lenght, and also that the rear of the tent is considerably lower 
than the front, which opens with a single flap (sometimes with windows) over 
the front "facet" of the roof. On some pictures can be seen that two ropes 
attached to the top of the poles are used to lift this front flap door.

> I guessed that the opening or distance between the two main poles was 15 
> meters.  My guess was to have 50 feet to clear any two seater's wingspans.


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