[WWI] Pastoral: Triplane and tent

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A google search revealed that DSA said he had drawings for sale on the Aerodrome in 2004.
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I was playing around with developing a vac-forming machine a while back.  This was going to be one of my first projects.

I never stumbled across any drawings but a tent manufacturer said this is a "pavilion" style tent if that is any help.

I guessed that the opening or distance between the two main poles was 15 meters.  My guess was to have 50 feet to clear any two seater's wingspans.

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Didn't Triplex Publications years ago have drawings of a Geram aircraft
maintenance tent?
I have no idae who now has their drawings

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> **
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/drakegoodman/5938969975/in/photostream
> Never seen this particular photo before (BTW be sure to check the rest of
> this photostream) Somewhere out there I read that these were called "13
> meter tents", that was perhaps it's aperture width? I also recall a link for
> a very basic vacuform kit of these tents at a excessive price.
> I've never seen a 3 view drawing or measurements for the typical airplane
> tent on German airfields... is there such a reference? I wonder if Cross and
> Cockade or Over the Front ever dealt with this ubicuous (love that word!)
> piece of equipment.
> D.

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