[WWI] Arizona Model Aircrafters Flyboys Fokker Dr.1 - Questions

Robert Randall rdrandal at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 22:11:32 EDT 2011

I performed a kit inventory upon receipt and found a sheet of balsa badly
mangled on one end. I will need to buy another sheet of balsa to create
several damaged ribs. I also noticed that the 'real' aluminum engine cowl
included in the kit will require extensive cutting wherein lies one of my
questions. What is the easiest way to add what appear to be rivets to an
aluminum cowl? I don't own a drill-press and hope there is an easier way to
create the appearance of rivets.

Next question is that after spending a lot of money for this kit I want to
create an accurate model of M. Von Richthofen's aircraft. Does anyone know
if Richthofen's aircraft(s) was all red or red & white. I believe the Dr. 1
he died in was not the all red aircraft. Another question on this topic
concerns what would be the best covering material for the model. I was
thinking about using Fokker Red Monokote (if there is such a color). Does
anyone have any suggestions?

The rotary engine included with the model is a Le Rhone Rotary by Williams
Brothers Model Products. What does everyone recommend for a scale wooden
prop for this model as far as size and pitch? This will be a static model
when completed but again I would like to try to build for accuracy if

Next is anyone aware of Fokker Dr. 1 decals in 1/8 scale? Does anyone know
if there are any cockpit instrument gauges in 1/8 scale or will I need to
scratch build?

I could think of no better group to ask for assistance than this group. You
folks are one of the reasons I decided to build a large scale model of what
I believe was one of the most interesting aircraft of many from the WW1 era.

Any help or suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks - Bob
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