[WWI] Jennies still in existence

Robert Karr karrart at karrart.com
Fri Jul 15 15:08:55 EDT 2011

<<There was a Jenny on the floor and a Camel hanging from the ceiling at the 
Aerospace Education Center in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Unfortunately I just 
did a Google search and found that it closed Jan. 1, 2011.  It looks like 
there may be people working to get funding and reopen it.  I don't know what 
happened, or will happen, to the airplanes inside. >>

That was the old Frank Tallman Camel. I guess when the Little Rock folks 
restored it many years ago, it was less than a steller, authentic job. That 
Jenny used to live in California a long time ago and I saw it a couple of 
times when it was on loan to the old March AFB Museum in Riverside CA.
Quite some ways back in my brain's distant corridors, there's a reference 
that said there are more real Jennys flying than any other WW I type.( 
depending on how "real" some restorations are).
RK.......rollin' with Roland

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