[WWI] a Russian rarity

Paul Thompson flutes at xs4all.nl
Fri Jul 15 11:15:51 EDT 2011

doesn't look all that terrible. I've definitely built worse!

	I have 3, ostensibly from various companies. Moulding is similar to Frog,
with extra flash in 2 of the boxings. Greatest problem IMO is the starved
cow ribs. Slowly sanding them away, over the years. I've a big box where I
keep them, along with similarly afflicted, like Some Airfix kits, and the
Frog Vimy. Occasionally I have at them, for the good of my soul.

	The plastic is very hard, so sanding is tedious. The other details are
clunky in places, but it's not a bad representation overal. IMHO, YMMV blah
blah etc. Decals are rubbish.


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