[WWI] Arizona Model Aircrafters Flyboys Fokker Dr.1

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Well from others experiences, the first thing to do is inventory the kit and
see if it is all there.   Lots of folks  have paid their high prices only to
find many of the promised details in the kit missing.   In my own case I
built one of their Wright Flyers back in 02-03 and there was a whole sheet
of laser cut part missing.  Their excuse was it was a "prototype" kit and
they didn't have the production line quite right  yet.  This is for a kit
they'd been advertising for two years.



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Ask away, but be aware that the company you dealt with is a bunch of thieves



whose work was stolen by aforementioned company

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Hi everyone, I purchase a Fokker Dr.1 kit from Arizona Model Aircrafters in
1/8 scale. I want to know if anyone has built a model from the Flyboy kit
before? I have a lot of questions concerning the kit and the Fokker Dr.1 but
I don't wish to bore this group with a lot of questions. - Bob 

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