[WWI] Which airplane would you fly?

nick hamer hamerthehorrible at live.co.uk
Wed Jul 13 18:23:12 EDT 2011

Cor, you go away for a week and come home to really hard questions like this. Life's tough. Ermmm. . . . Bristol Fighter, or a Snipe, or a Sopwith Triplane or Camel. Couldn't be more specific than that, sorry. It hurt to leave out the Se 5a and the Sopwith Salamander and the Oeffag Albatros D.III. plus a few others. 

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> Subject: [WWI] Which airplane would you fly?
> Now here's the thing:
> If you were given the chance to be transported in time to some point between 
> 1914 to 1918 on the European Western front of the Great War, given some 
> training to fly airplanes (at Issoudun or at Aviano or at Schwerin) and then 
> you could choose ANY aircraft of the era to make a tour over the trenches... 
> I guess I'd choose -for practical reasons- a Fokker D.VIIf. However, for the 
> looks, I'd choose a Nieuport 11. Or a Sopwith Pup.
> What airplane would you choose?
> D. 

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