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Hi Gregory,
I think that Alberto has it right, but I found some more information in the book Italian Aces of World War I and their aircraft by Gentilli, Iozzi and Varriale.  They have various profiles of the Nieuport 11 and they show some as white (perhaps a bleached linen) for the French built ones and the first production run by Macchi.  For the second and third, they have a darker upper surface and a ivory cdl undersurface.  so per their information these two production runs had 2 colors, the upper and lower were two different colors.  and they show the tapes outlining the wings as a dark brown but this is not confirmed.  let me know what markings are in the kit and I may be able to find profiles in the book to se if it should be the early or later scheme.
Dave C
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Hello All, 
I've just received my latest Co-Op order today. The kit is the A-Model Nieuport 11 (Italy) in 1/32 scale.The kit represents A Macchi build example of the Nieuport 11. While checking the contents of the box and reading through the instructions and paint guide I noticed that the Ni.11 is petty much overall CDL.The problem is which CDL should be used.My information indicates that there were two shades of Italian CDL a light and dark shade. Which of the two would be correct? Thanks in advance for any information concerning this matter. I appreciate it Guys. 
Gregory Jouette 
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