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Wed Jul 13 12:57:03 EDT 2011

Easy choice for me:

Fokker Dr. I  (Voss or any version)

Whenever I visit the reconstructed Dr.I at the Kingsbury Aerodrome I have a compulsion to hit the pilot over the head with a chock block, jump in the seat, push the throttle, and take off.    Which of course would end in a spectacular flaming death for me, not to mention the destruction of the Dr. I...........  so the better angels of my nature take over and I watch enviously as the Dr.I flies around the field. 

> Now here's the thing:
 If you were given the chance to be transported in time to some point between 
 1914 to 1918 on the European Western front of the Great War, given some 
 training to fly airplanes (at Issoudun or at Aviano or at Schwerin) and then 
 you could choose ANY aircraft of the era to make a tour over the trenches... 
 I guess I'd choose -for practical reasons- a Fokker D.VIIf. However, for the 
 looks, I'd choose a Nieuport 11. Or a Sopwith Pup.
 What airplane would you choose?

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