[WWI] Which airplane would you fly?

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Well, no restrictions then! If in the Eastern front, I'd fly a DFW B.I because it looks like a banana.
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  Certainly a tough call for many reasons. But...  Why so restrictive on location?  The Macchi M5 would be high on my list, and lets face it, the shores of the Adriatic would have been a more compelling landscape to survey instead of some crater-riddled fields and villages. If some others wanted to go for a ride then I guess I would have to switch to the Felixstowe F2a. I love the glazing of the enclosed cockpit. It looks like a detail inspired by the solarium at some country home that might have been in the designer's family for generations, or that of the young lovely for whom he pined.

  Yeah, I've got a thing for flying boats, but I would be willing to tolerate some time in the float equipped Hansa Brandenburg W.12 or W.29 as well. For some reason the W.12 oozes utility in a way that reminds me of a 1950s Mack truck.

  If I have to stick with wheels, the R.A.F. BE2c and Sopwith Triplane would both be contenders for their Edwardian innocence and elegance, respectively. Does anyone think there was still an Albatros Taube Biplane kicking around in 1914?  Keeping one around - let alone airworthy - for two years might have been asking a bit much, considering the rate of technology development.

  Finally, the German Zeppelins had to have been an incredible ride as well.


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    Now here's the thing:
    If you were given the chance to be transported in time to some point between 1914 to 1918 on the European Western front of the Great War, given some training to fly airplanes (at Issoudun or at Aviano or at Schwerin) and then you could choose ANY aircraft of the era to make a tour over the trenches... I guess I'd choose -for practical reasons- a Fokker D.VIIf. However, for the looks, I'd choose a Nieuport 11. Or a Sopwith Pup.
    What airplane would you choose?

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