[WWI] Vickers Vimy

Brad & Merville bigglesrfc at sympatico.ca
Tue Jul 12 20:24:55 EDT 2011


That's one big matchstick!!!   ; )


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> Dennis,
> Thank you and other guys. That was really OOB - the only extra item was a 
> material for rigging
> and windscreen for pilots cockpit. ;-)
> Normally, I do not play a lot with super details, simply because it
> takes so much time... Becoming lazy...
> The most detailed biplane I built is here, including box content and
> building process:
> http://scalemodels.ru/modules/forum/viewtopic_t_10986.html
> As I found, not much people like/understand such style, but I very
> enjoyed the process and wish to build another kit.
> Sergey
>> On Tue, 2011-07-12 at 15:49 +0300, msl-cyprus wrote:
>>> I also have completed simple build of this plane straight OOB
>>> recently.
>> Sergey,
>>         If that beauty is what you call out of the box, I would stand in 
>> awe at
>> one you super detail.  What a beautiful build and even though I can't
>> read a word of it, a very detailed explanation of what you did.  Very
>> nice.
>> Dennis

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