[WWI] Which CDL ?

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Hi Gregory!
I recall an article on Windsock magazine written by Alberto Casirati about this very subject. I can't recall exactly where it was (Dennis has compiled a database about this, but I can't check it right now) but I guess it was on Volume 16 or 17, along with an article on building the Toko Nieuport 11 kit.
Simply put, there was at least two shades of what we call CDL: a lighter, almost white (this is certainly the option when used with a clear coat of dope on the fabric) and other which shows darker on period pictures, that might probably be a light brown solid colour according to some surviving fragments of fabric. Check the internets, there are a few interpretations of this light brown out there, as used also by Nieuport XVII and Nieuport X by the Italians.
In the case of the Nieuport XI, the most intriguing colour must be the colour of the edging... no one knows for sure what was that about, if black, gray, or dark brown... Choose you own poison!

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  Hello All,
  I've just received my latest Co-Op order today. The kit is the A-Model Nieuport 11 (Italy) in 1/32 scale.The kit represents A Macchi build example of the Nieuport 11. While checking the contents of the  box and reading through the instructions and paint guide I noticed that the Ni.11 is petty much overall CDL.The problem is which CDL should be used.My information indicates that there were two shades of Italian CDL a light and dark shade. Which of the two would be correct? Thanks in advance for any information concerning this matter. I appreciate it Guys.
  Gregory Jouette
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