[WWI] Added:RNAS Bristol Scout C and more!

marc flake marcflake at att.net
Mon Jul 11 14:02:04 EDT 2011

Thanks to everyone for the compliments.  Rick, yes it has been a little over a year since I last posted pictures.  I think we both started on the Roden SPAD VII at about the same time, if my memory is correct.  I did finish it in late 2009 or early 2010, but just now got around to posting pictures of it.  Dennis, yes it was a bit of a bear.  Anyone curious can look up the article on Internet Modeler.
The reason I haven't posted in such a long time is that I've wandered into a couple of other topic areas nowhere near World War I.  Brent at Roll Models dangled the Bristol Scout in front of me to entice me back.
Although I have a couple of other projects to finish first, my next WWI project will be the Russian armored cruiser Rurik II in 1/700 by Combrig.
Marc Flake
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