[WWI] WWI List Congratulantions, Allan-was Vickers Vimy

Rob Stewart rob at rob-stewart.to
Mon Jul 11 11:52:08 EDT 2011

Well done Allan.

Is there anything that any of us could do to help?

 From a remote location.

Rob Stewart

On 7/11/2011 8:41 AM, coyotemagic at comcast.net wrote:
> Congrats on the promotion, Allan, and thanks again for all you efforts
> in keeping the site active.
> Cheers,
> Bud
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> Beautiful!
> I'll save the photos and add them to your gallery when I ever get to
> updating the site.
> Allan
> P.S. About 2 months ago I got a promotion here at UNH. Good news is that
> means the site/list are very safe for the foreseeable future. Bad news
> is I'm working long hours and not much time to update the site. Sorry
> for dragging my heals on the galleries lately.
> On Mon, 2011-07-11 at 07:26 -0700, Dennis Ugulano wrote:
>     	Here is my latest completion for a customer.  This is the Eastern
>     Express version and lets say it is rough.  The years have not been good
>     to the kit.  It is build out of the box with the exception of the
>     machine guns.  I could not send that out the door with the poor
>     representation of the guns.  I did not make the modifications to the kit
>     to make it a true WW1 aircraft but it looks ok.  It is a very straight
>     forward kit that screams modify me but I resisted.  My thanks to D for
>     the information on the modification even if I did shun his input.  But I
>     am that way.
>     Dennis
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