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Beautiful Vimy , Dennis.  You've done such an outstanding job on it that I would've had no idea that it was such a rough kit if you hadn't said so.  



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        Here is my latest completion for a customer.  This is the Eastern 
Express version and lets say it is rough.  The years have not been good 
to the kit.  It is build out of the box with the exception of the 
machine guns.  I could not send that out the door with the poor 
representation of the guns.  I did not make the modifications to the kit 
to make it a true WW1 aircraft but it looks ok .  It is a very straight 
forward kit that screams modify me but I resisted.  My thanks to D for 
the information on the modification even if I did shun his input.  But I 
am that way. 


Dennis Ugulano 
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