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   Well, I haven't unpacked all the built models yet, Clarence, but what I have pulled out of the puffed rice so far looks fine. Opening the plastic bags without damaging the models seems to be the tricky part. I'm waiting until the display case arrives from California so I have a place to put the planes.

     Oh yeah, Dogfight! I've had mine for about 45 years, and I still love to play that. The little booklet was one of the best parts, with great Farre paintings and photos.  You can also use the "Wings of War" fighters on the board. Where do you live, Mr. T?

       I have also plated the other 3 games in the series. Dogfight and Broadside were fun to play. Battle Cry and the Pacific island game (what was the name of that?) were boring and pointless. I gave Broadside to my son because he grew to love it even more than I did. I couldn't part with Dogfight, though. I might get one for him if I ever come across another copy.

                                                                                  J.R. Boye

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Oh wow J.R. you
still have a DOGFIGHT, when you get set up I wanna come to your house and PLAY!





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