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Rob's right, Mike.  The oils would be much easier to work with and you can always wipe it off if you don't like it.  I, on the other hand, intend to go with the stipple decal.  Let me show you what Mark Hamrick did.  To my eye, this looks like a very accurate representation based on the abundant photos of this type in Schlachtflieger !. 

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Have you started on this one yet?  I'm a few days from closing up the fuselage.  Won't have it ready for Yuba City, but will have it done for Monterey for sure. 



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Hi Mike, 

I can only offer a suggestion on part 1, I'm afraid.   But you might 
like it. 

Prussian blue is readily available as an oil paint in any craft store. 

For what you intend to do, oils may be better for the stippling.  you 
have more control, you can apply them with a custom made very small 
sponge.  There is that long drying time, so if you don't like it, you 
can wipe them off and start again. 

Rob Stewart 

> 1. There is no Prussian Blue available through Hannants , Squadron, or 
> Roll Models. Does anyone have a source? If not, do you have a mixture 
> for me? That is, if I start with a darkish blue like Insignia Blue, what 
> colors should I add to it and in what proportions? 

> Mike 

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