[WWI] Halb. Cl.II Fuselage Colors

Mike Vice jmikl2957 at comcast.net
Sat Jul 2 14:20:08 EDT 2011

                I'm staring at the contents of a Mirage Halb. Cl.II, along
with the fuselage "stippled"-color decals, and my Methuen Handbook of
Colour.  The decals appear to be far too light, given that the blue
stippling over the four or five lozenge colors, per references, is supposed
to be Prussian Blue (Methuen 21F7) which is very dark.  That said, I think I
want to try to hand-paint the fuselage with approximately 600 mm lozenges
and stipple it with Prussian Blue.  To the problem:

                1.  There is no Prussian Blue available through Hannants,
Squadron, or Roll Models.  Does anyone have a source?  If not, do you have a
mixture for me?  That is, if I start with a darkish blue like Insignia Blue,
what colors should I add to it and in what proportions?

                2.  Has anyone tried to recreate the five-color fuselage
lozenges which, per various Datafiles, are Deep Greyish Violet (17E5-6),
Honey Yellow/Khaki (4-5D6), Deep Greyish Green (28D5-6), Deep Greyish
Turquoise (24E-F6), and Dullish Deep Blue (21E6-7)?  Which colors did you

                Deep Greyish Violet appears to be German lilac with a bit of
dark grey.  Honey Yellow/Khaki seems to be German RLM Yellow with a fair
amount of brown.  Deep Greyish Green looks to be German Pale Green with a
touch of dark grey and Dullish Deep Blue could be German RLM Blue with some
dark grey.  I have no idea what to do for the Turquoise.  Since the Prussian
Blue stippling will cover a good deal of the hand-painted lozenges I suppose
that their colors need not be terribly exact, but what do you all say?



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