[WWI] 1/48th for sale kit list, Not Mine

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Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2011 11:29:32 -0400

 Here is the List. I have decided to send to all at the same time so no advantage to the first to get the list. Again, just for the record, My involvement ends with posting the list. Gary lives in Florida and I live in NC . I  have not seen Gary in 23 years and just recently began comminication with him via email. He had no idea of current value so Ira and I worked on pricing. Remember, these prices are not set in stone and if something seems high ask for a better price. As we were preparing the price list, several of the like resin kits sold on E Bay for over $100.00. In closing Gary does not have  a PayPal account so purchases will be limited to an old fashion check or Money order via snail mail.
Good Luck,
Rick Geisler
Had a misfire on your email so you got a separate email.
Gary windjack: nwin11 at cfl.rr.com
WW1 Aircraft 1/48th scale 
Manufacturer: Kit: Price:
Blue Max Halberstadt CLII $35.00
Blue Max Halberstadt DII $35.00
Blue Max LVG CVI $40.00
Blue Max Vickers Gun Bus $35.00
Blue Max Pfalz DXII $30.00
Blue Max LFG Roland DVI $35.00
Blue Max American DH4/USMC $35.00
Blue Max Phoenix DI $35.00
Planet Rumpler CI $45.00
Planet Rumpler CIV $45.00
Planet Nieuport IVM $40.00
Flashback Aviatic-Berg D.I $35.00
Flashback HB W29 $30.00
Flashback Etrich Taube 1913/1914 $35.00
Gavia Bristol Scout C/Additional Parts $25.00
Omega HB W20 (1/32nd?)
Omega Nieuport 10B
Legato Lohner D.I $40.00
Legato Aviatic-Berg C.I $50.00
Special Hobby Lloyd C.V $25.00
Special Hobby Phoenix D.I $25.00
Special Hobby Phoenix D.II $25.00
High Tech LFG Roland D.II $25.00
High Tech AEG G.IV $40.00
High Tech Voisin 10 LAR $40.00 
Eduard Sopwith Triplane $25.00
Eduard Sopwith Baby $25.00
Eduard Sopwith Pup $25.00
Eduard Albatros CIII $30.00
Eduard HB D.I star Strut $25.00
Eduard Pfalz DIII $25.00
Eduard Fokker DVIII(original) $15.00
Karaya DFW C.V $60.00
Karaya Airco DH5 $50.00 (Resin Version)

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