[WWI] War Horse

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  Thanks for the input.

    It sounds like I should go see this film, because I'm probably more in line with those I know who liked the film.

     As far as accuracy flaws and improbabilities go, nothing could beat "Flyboys" anyway.

                                                                         J.R. Boye

        "Gallipoli" was a great film, and totally depressing.  I don't think that "Blue Max" has been surpassed for OT flying shots, although I have not seen "Ricthofen" yet.

         I would go out of my way see a showing of "Wings" with live organ accompaniment in a vintage theatre.

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"All Quiet" is truly a great film, given the time frame in which it was made.  I also liked "Gallipoli" and the Canadian film "Passchendaele" which showed the sacrifices of people from throughout the world.


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> Dave!
> > I'd be interested in hearing what folk's opinions are RE: the Best O/T
> > Film...
> "All quiet on the Western Front", the 1930 version.
> D.
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