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I am surprised none of the publications contain a walk-around of the MAE
it was tempting to climb the ladder and get some close-up photos when I
visited their storage areas.

Knut Erik

On Tue, Dec 27, 2011 at 5:05 PM, Diego Fernetti <dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar>wrote:

> Stuart!
>  You didn't say what references you do have.
> Datafile+French Nieuport 29 book+French modelling magazine+photos of the
> dissasembled Nieuport29 survivor at the MAE. None shows the innards too
> clearly (just to think that somewhere, half a globe away, up the rafters of
> the MAE, lies a quite well preserved Nieuport 29 full of cobwebs!).
>   From the Datafile on page
>> 30, note A.  The fuselage was formed by plywood frames and spruce
>> formers over which tulip wood was laid in a criss-cross pattern, then
>> covered in linen.
> Just like a Pfalz! and those were painted...
>  I could argue the cabinet making route and say the
>> interior wood was unfinished to save time, material, and weight.  OTOH
>> the bonding agent would be somewhat of a protectant and would likely
>> have a glossy finish.
> Just like earlier Nieuports! And those were clear varnished...
>  And here's a couple of pics of my N.29 almost finished.  Not built
>> anywhere near the quality of Master D's work.
> The major disadvantage of my models is that they usually end up
> unfinished. I love the 5 colour camo of the prototype, but I think I'll
> avoid it, mostly because the prototype has a different coaming around the
> cockpit, and the guns didn't had "hump" fairings, which I like in this
> airplane.
> Lovely model, wish I can see it more closely and in bigger sized
> pictures... is this the Azur kit too? Are those the original wing struts?
> D.
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