[WWI] Vallejo primer was Acrylic primer

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That's why I liked Mr. Surfacer - it sands well but the problem, I think, and others appear to have found a similar issue, is that it sort of re-melts the glued areas -  where the glue is the plastic melding type, not superglue. Perhaps I need to let the glued areas cure more.  Another advantage of superglue.

I will try to find the acrylic primer at the hardware store. Halfords is a UK-based firm but we have equivalents here, I imagine. Thanks.

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Matt, I have some of the Vallejo primer, after having tried it a few times, it just doesn't quite 'cut the mustard' for me, I find it sits on top of the plastic/resin instead of really bonding with the surface, when you sand the stuff even with really fine grade wet n dry, it lifted at the edges of the abrasion very slightly, so you kind of get a step at the edge the sanded area. A real pain. It would be o.k. as a final layer before the actual paint goes on, or maybe I just didn't have the stuff thoroughly mixed, or leave it to dry long enough (12 hrs for an acrylic primer should be plenty though).

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> FYI, Vallejo has a gray primer. I picked mine up from Sprue Brothers. 
> Haven't used it yet, though...
> Matt Bittner
> On 12/26/2011 11:34 AM, Michael Kendix wrote:
> > I was going to try and stay away from enamels. How hot can it be - Mr. 
> > Surfacer is lacquer-based. But, yes, I have some Testors' flat white 
> > enamel right here, and that does stick - I've used that on the movable 
> > flying surfaces of the Lloyd.
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> >
> > No Krylon!
> > I heard that it may harm styrene as it somewhat "hot".
> > I don't always prime surfaces, but when I do, I use Gunze Sangyo Mr. 
> > Primer.
> > D.
> > “Stay primed, my friends.”
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> >     Hi:
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> >     I need to prime the plastic on the Llyod's exterior. I am off to
> >     the hardware store in an hour or so.  Is Krylon on good as a
> >     primer on models? I am trying something other than Mr. Surfacer.
> >
> >     Michael
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