[WWI] A Merry Christmas with OT kits on!

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It's Kiwi shoe polish. Thousands of those little birds have to die just so you can have shiny shoes.

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Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2011 20:26:12 +0000
Subject: [WWI] A Merry Christmas with OT kits on!

A Merry Christmas to you all. Hope it's the best yet. My present from SWMBO is still waiting at the Royal Mail Parcelforce depot, I won't get it till after Crumble, because we were both working today and couldn't collect it. I know it's from New Zealand, so on the one hand, downer, I don't have the bugger yet, but on the other hand. .  .Wahey!!! It's annuver wing Nuts, or a weird Marsupial, maybe. However the two Encore kits I ordered, Voss's F.1 and McCudden's Se5a DID arrive from Squadron, so It's all peachy in the end. The Encore kits are Lush and even with the $40 shipping for the pair, they were a bargain. Lovely kits, gorgeous. Meanwhile, it's back to the '72 vac kit I'm murdering, then I'll raise a glass of Chianti then a glass of Navy rum and a bottle of Ale to everyone's health, then fall over. Have a totally great Holiday, one and all. 
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