[WWI] Painting syringe needles

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Wed Dec 14 08:53:11 EST 2011

> Diego, I've tried this, there's a lot of blood on the floor, things are 
> getting a little gray, I'm looking for my tweezers to pull the piece out, 
> but everything keeps going out of focus...

Isn't that the fun part?
Who hasn't sliced a finger with a scalpel?
Who hasn't drilled a part and the fingertip behind it?
Who hasn't superglued fingers?
Who hasn't pinched the skin between fingers with clamps?
Who hasn't got small slivers of plastic below the fingernails?
Who hasn't erased fingerprints after too vigourous sanding?
Who hasn't dug a shallow grave and buried a body in the backyard? 

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