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> Diego, I've tried this, there's a lot of blood on the floor, things are getting a little gray, I'm looking for my tweezers to pull the piece out, but everything keeps going out of focus...
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> Mack!
> > Anyone have a quick way to cut syringe needles?
> 1) Stick one end into your biceps muscle up to the measurement you need to cut
> 2) Flex your arm it so the biceps becomes rock hard
> 3) Bend the syringe until it cracks and snaps at the skin surface
> 4) Relax muscle, pick up the segment of needle sticking from your arm 
> with tweezers.
> Be extremely careful with the tweezers, if you pinch your skin with 
> the tips of the tweezers, it can be very painful.
> D.
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