[WWI] Lebed VII/Sopwith Tabloid

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Tue Dec 13 16:48:18 EST 2011


A clone I believe, but as these  were handbuilt and modified in
service your mileage may vary depending on which machine you build. There's
a Mini-Datafile on the Tabloid (#(?)

One thing to watch with both the S/H Tabloid and Schneider is that out of
the box the fuselage is about 1/16" too narrow which sets the interplane
struts and wingtips at a funky angle when seen head on.  It's easy enough
to fix if you catch it before you join the bits together, but a real bxgger

I'd also suggest you ditch the battleship sized bolts representing
the screws attaching the cowling and forward fuselage panels. They are
probably pretty cool if you're into the steampunk version, but not *quite*
the same size as on the real thing


Army elastic bands in a temperate climate have a shelf life of 1 year but
in a tropical climate it is only 12 months. (Manual of Army Ordnance
Services Volume 1 Pamphlet No 2 Part 5 Appendix K, Army Code No. 60065-1,

On Wed, Dec 14, 2011 at 10:30 AM, Mike Vice <jmikl2957 at comcast.net> wrote:

>                  A little help, please?  I've just received my Special
> Hobby Lebed and I'd prefer to dress it up in Union Jacks instead of Russian
> roundels.  So, is the Lebed an exact copy of the Tabloid, requiring surgery
> to backdate it to British configuration, or can I leave it the way it is?
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