[WWI] Fwd: The Hot News for December 2nd 2011

Paul Thompson flutes at xs4all.nl
Tue Dec 6 07:17:26 EST 2011

For instance, and this is the extreme example see what Hannants are asking 
for some Blue Max Kits and then see what Colin at Freightdog is asking for 
the same kits. Whatever the reasons, the prices are very different.
                                           Nick. <
    Probably old stock bought from Chris Gannon, so they would have cost 
Hannants more. The Aviation Megastore here sells them for a lot more than 
that even. And if you really want to burn dosh, you can get all the current 
dirt cheap Blue Max and Pegasus kits from Evilbay, labelled 'rare and OOP' 
for 5 - 10 times what Colin asks. Oh well, zootle wurdle, etc.

Paul. (Building endless Albatrosses in 3 scales. And a Sopwith Cuckoo). 

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