[WWI] Best film ever made

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You know I watched two recently released WW1 movies a couple of weeks ago on my 
cable through On Demand.  They were PASHCENNDALE (sp) a Canadian movie and 
BENEATH HILL 60 and Australian movie.  I enjoyed both of them, but BENEATH HILL 
60 was better.


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      "Wings" with Clara Bow, Buddy Rogers and Jobyna Ralston.

        You need to see this film in a restored vintage theatre, with live 
accompaniment played on a powerful Wurlitzer organ to really experience it. And 
you will never forget it.

         For air-to-air photography, I would select "Battle of Britain", "Blue 
Max", "Those Magnificent Men..." or "Tora, Tora, Tora".

                                                        J.R. Boye


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For my money ‘Paths of Glory’ and don’t forget ‘Hells Angels’ and 
‘Dawn Patrol’

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