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Hi Jim,
I remember your Albatros DV, great job on the old Aurora kit.  Amazing what a job you did 40 years ago and especially with the hand painted lozenge.  It was still there last time I was there,(been about 2 years since I last went there) and it was in the glass case with a German helmet and a bunch of WW1 artifacts, right next to the case with my Fokker models in it. 

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I'm glad you are so close to the museum. I gave my collection to the Civil Air Patrol over 40 years ago, and they gave much of it to the museum, so it seems we helped stock it!

My best effort was Alb D.Va 2299 as flown by Bruno Loerzer with Jasta 26; with hand painted five color camo top & bottom wings.

When last seen (over ten years ago) it was in a display case next to a Blue Max and near the Dr.I replica.

If you get a chance I'd like to know it it's still there, and I would really like to have a photo to post here.

-- Jim Townsend

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