[WWI] Second Shane's WS Comment

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Tue Aug 30 20:11:54 EDT 2011

> I understand it. However, I accept it. The fundage the WNW provides improves
> the quality of the magazine. It allows them the opportunity to report on
> subjects other than WNW new releases.

This might be the case with Windsock, which still is a niche  
publication and almost a one-man operation. However, emphasis on  
commercial intrusion on the articles has led the modelling press to  
hell, like the case of Fine Scale Modeller, once a pretty nice  
modelling magazine and nowadays something unreadable, inundated of  
advertisements and uncapable of making a decent critique of any  
product (everything must be GREAT!) and no skills involved, when an  
article on making a better model consist just on buying a new kit or  
adding hundreds of $$$$$$$$ in resin aftermarket detail sets,  
photoetched sets, new decals, etc. etc.

> They should publish Diego's cartoons too. *That* is something I'd pay for.

Hell, I'd pay for that too.

> Full disclosure: Roll Models does advertise in WS. It doesn't effect my
> opinion of the publication. It *is* the only one I have a subscription to.

Now you'll say to us you get Playboy for reading the articles. And why  
you keep buying Private and Hustler too?

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