[WWI] Best Film Ever Made?

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MessageAll superior films, but nothing can top Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines.  Great aeroplanes, great cast, great director, Ron Goodwin score, Ronald Seale (still working at 91 years) graphics, great cinematography, great art direction, great screenplay, etc... and none of that computery-jiggery-pokery nonsense!  ; )

(waiting for TMMITFM on blueray)
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  Oh god no! I'll give Dr. Strangelove a top three spot for sure, but I hated "Oh What a Lovely War" so much I couldn't get to the end! Appalling rubbish. Give me The Blue Max or The Great Waldo Pepper any day....


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                    No, two others topped it--

                    Dr. Strangelove

                    Oh, What a Lovely War

                    (Not necessarily in that order)

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