[WWI] The new Unofficial Wingnut Wings Forum

Andy Bannister a.bann at ntlworld.com
Tue Aug 30 13:27:44 EDT 2011

Hmmm.... maybe I'm not properly explaining my gripe! Forget Wingnut
Wings, take them out of the mix - it has absolutely nothing to do with
them! I am all in favour of WNW. They're fantastic kits, and they're
bringing the joys of building early aircraft to the masses; even those
that previously wouldn't give a second look to anything that didn't fall
together for them, ala Tamiya et al. I totally agree, we have gained
enormously from WNW and long may they continue.

What I have a problem with is yet another forum that I don't see adding
anything to the mix that we already have. Indeed, if anything, I think
there are already way too many forums that are full of 'experts' sitting
about waiting to impart their wisdom upon the unsuspecting. A WNW forum
therefore will not be for true afficionados of the WWI era, like we have
here, it will instead be for those who have jumped on the WNW bandwagon
and by way of their 'wisdom' will have more of a negative effect on the
hobby. The same could be said for any era of course, not just WWI. Have
a look at the sudden influx of Great War aircraft on ARC & Hyperscale
for instance. There have been some very good ones, but there have been
some pretty appalling ones too, built by people who have little
understanding, and little real interest in WWI aircraft. And because
you're not allowed to offer constructive criticism on these sites, only
the warmest and fuzziest of comments no matter how awful the build is, I
think these 'bandwagon jumpers' are doing more harm than good, all
condoned by these forums. 

I have seen some very good and well meant constructive crticism that was
soundly thrashed by other members for being 'negative', very much like a
school playground environment. I guess what I'm trying to say is that
anyone who suddenly develops a passion for WWI because of a manufacturer
like WNW (or Aeroclub, or Eduard, Czech Master, etc., etc.) runs the
risk of having their head filled with innaccurate rubbish, or worse,
being turned off completely by these forums that spring up at the drop
of a hat. A forum that only has positive comments is of no use to anyone
- how are we to learn and better our skills if no one is allowed to
point out the mistakes??

Perhaps I'm being harsh, but I think if you truly have an interest in
WWI aviation then you don't need a forum dedicated to one particular
manufacturer, no matter how good they are or how much they have
contributed. There are plenty of websites devoted to WWI and these
contribute more to the hobby than any of these 'flavour of the month'
forums do.

As you quite rightly say, I don't have to join these forums, and after
suffering several frustrating experiences on them I mostly likely will
not join another one. The danger is, in my opinion, that all these
forums will ultimately have a negative impact on the hobby, rather than
a positive one and will do more to turn people off WWI modelling than
they will to encourage them. If people spent less time imparting their
wisdom on forums and more time actually building then we might actually
get somewhere!

Taking my own advice, I'm off to the workbench to pick up the Roden
Sopwith Triplane build I started a few months ago....


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I think you missed my point.  Perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned the
scalism thing.  I guess what I don't understand is why a dedicated WNW
forum, or Diego's personal Naglo forum for that matter, would be a bad
thing?  I don't see how that has any effect on you unless you choose to
join it?  I just don't understand the backlash (Griping, unhappiness,
etc.) about the WNW kits and the interest they create, no matter how
"fan boyish" it may be.

Let me put it this way, would anyone on this forum be complaining if WNW
made hand-woven flower baskets in place of WW1 kits?  I would think
obviously not, even if they were the best baskets money could buy.  So
just because they are making something similar to someone's favorite
thing (i.e. WW1 aircraft of different scales), it now becomes an object
of concern?

>From my point of view WW1 modelers have lost nothing by the creation of
the WNW kits, but on the other hand have gained much!  I honestly can't
even really see much merit in the gripes about Windsock being dominated
by WNW articles lately.  There has been the typical coverage of other
new kits, and if the articles had been about someone's scratch-built
1/48th model, it would have just as much relevance to the typical
modeler as the WNW articles are to non-WNW builders.  There is still
plenty of things that can be transposed to other scales, and a beautiful
model is still a beautiful model, regardless!

I guess what it really comes down to is that I hate to see the negative
response to such an obvious attempt to give the WW1 modeling community a
good thing.  Seems to me that with the limited part of the market that
we represent, we ought to be ecstatic to get anything at all!

With all respect,
Matt K.

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I think you're missing the point here. It has absolutely nothing to do
with 'scalism' or WNW kits. Or any kits for that matter. Indeed I have
several WNW kits in my stash, as well as a great many 1/32 kits in
general.  All I'm sayin' is, there are already more modelling forums
than you can shake a stick at, and quite a few of them are nothing more
than mutual admiration societies. So why do we need yet another forum
dedicated to one particular manufacturer, like they're the only ones who
have ever promoted WWI modelling? 

It just seems a bit like everyone's jumping on the WNW bandwagon, like
they're the new messiah or something. What can a WNW dedicated forum
possibly offer that they can't find here, or the Aerodrome, or Large
Scale Planes, or....??

But hey, it's just my opinion. WNW have put WWI in the spotlight, and
that's not a bad thing. But I'm not about to fall grovelling at their
feet just because they're the flavour of the month....


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Not trying to stir anything up here, but I'm perplexed by some reactions
to the WNW kits and the resulting interest.  I just don't understand why
anyone would be unhappy with any of the WNW "stuff".  Even if you're not
interested in 1/32nd scale, what is wrong with kits, forums etc. for
people who are?  Sometimes I think the inter-scale rivalry gets more
than a bit silly.  Boggles my mind...

Matt K.

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